Extending the manager README idea

Posted on Jan 20, 2020

Sometimes you stumble upon a seemingly silly idea that is so brilliant that makes you think why you didn’t think of it before. That happened to me when I found out about the Manager README . The idea is to create a markdown file that describes yourself as a manager so that it provides an entry-point to you for others to get to know more about you. The website showcases the READMEs of those people that make them public, so you can get inspiration as well as feedback and it proposes a skeleton for you to get started. The goals as stated by this project are four-fold: improve self-awareness, build stronger relationships, improve employees on-boarding and attract talent that gets you, as they put it. And I couldn’t agree more with it. I shared it with friends and they found the idea brilliant as well. And we decided to implement it at my current employer, with a couple of twists though! And I invite you to find out more about the Manager README, it’s a really nice idea!

Find here the article!